Medical pedicure manicure

Everyone understand that every once in a while they deserve to spoil themselves with a relaxing treatment for body and soul. It doesn’t matter if it's for a special occasion or for any other reason.
The ability to enrich your body with peace and also getting a very effective healing.
Medical pedicure/manicure is exactly what your body needs from time to time.
However professional knowledge isn’t enough to get to the desired level- there is also a huge importance in a mind and heart that listen to your body…

At Angela's studio you could find exactly what you look for.
Medical pedicure/manicure treatments in a world class by demand and by personal need that contain a lot of love and warmth.
Angela has a rich experience in the cosmetics world.
Pedicure/manicure treatments must be performed in harmony with your feet and hands because this work requires an understanding of the treatment.
Years of experience have made Angela an expert and of course that the health of you and your skin is a top priority.
Angela has everything it takes in order to perform a successful pedicure/manicure treatment with hygiene.

Angela's rich experience will give you everything you need in the personal level too!
Examining the nail's need, picking the right materials, addressing problems (if any) and a lot more will be a part of Angela's service.
You'll always see her smiling and feel like you're home, eventually receiving pedicure/manicure treatments can occur everywhere however the great feeling during the treatment and after it can only be achieved in Angela's studio.
If you are searching for a place that gives professional treatments with a feeling like you are home – Angela is the place for you!

מניקור ופדיקור רפואי

Clinic Address

Tel Aviv - 20 Carmel street

Activity time
Sunday through Thursday
09:00 - 19:00

Friday - 09:00 - until two hours before Shabbat begins