Facial treatments

Our stressful everyday life effect our body and mind. Every once in a while we have to listen to our body and give the proper treatment in order to preserve our looks.
Having facial treatments is necessary from time to time and of course by demand.
Therefore if you wish to have uncompromising and professional facial treatments you are at the right place. At Angela's your face will get a relaxing treatment delivered by professional and delicate hands.
There are a lot of reasons to get facial treatments: avoiding wrinkles, minimizing weather damages, or just for relaxing your facial skin for about an hour.
It is also important to mention that at Angela you'll find professional and loving hands…
the ability the recognize the areas that need more attention, with precision and dedication, these and more are the advantages of Angela's studio over others.
The location of the studio in the Karmel market, gives you a relaxing break from the noisy traffic outside that will give you everything you need for your soul and face.

There are many different facial treatments, it is very important the right treatment for you that will give you the best results for the long term.
Whether it’s a small specific treatment or it’s a long treatment that contains your whole face, Angela has the perfect solution.
Her long history in the business brings confidence in her work. It is also important to set the goals before starting and the final destination the client wants.
Sometimes one session is not enough to give your face the perfect result. The diagnose will be made within the first session with consideration of your skin and body and the future face treatments.
That’s why if you wish to have a great face tone and a soft skin, that will make you happy everyday- Angela is the right address.

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Clinic Address

Tel Aviv - 20 Carmel street

Activity time
Sunday through Thursday
09:00 - 19:00

Friday - 09:00 - until two hours before Shabbat begins