Laser hair removal

Our body has its advantages, things we like about it but it also has flaws that bother us.
Excessive hair growth in places that we don’t want leads us to doing anything we can do in order to make our body clean and perfect.
Laser hair removal is a great tool for anyone who wants to remove hair permanently from different places without any problems.
At Angela you could enjoy hair removal that will be delivered by trained hands, a lot of love and many years of experience that she acquired specially for you.

Because there are a lot of other studios that offer laser hair removal, it's very hard to find a reliable and professional place with a great service.
As soon as you arrive at the studio you feel the warmth and the love that Angela provides in a variety of treatments.
Examine the goals that you wish to achieve is included in the treatment as a main part of the experience.
You'll probably find yourself enjoying an intense, personal session that will make you feel complete and comfortable.

The hair removal at Angela is executed with the best devices available.
The world's most advanced technology. The ability to find the right route for removing hair with the best lotions is not a simple task.
Not every woman reacts well to any laser device too.
That’s why listening to the clients is a major part of the treatment and Angela will never settle about it.

Laser hair removal consists a few meetings that will be adjusted for you.
Examination of the treatments efficiency is necessary for success. As you'll see, in Angela's studio we achieve excellency in any area.
Say goodbye to superficial treatments without studying your body and listening to your needs.
Setting up a first meeting for examination and setting goals, examination throughout the process to check that your body is responding well and a satisfaction review at the end.
All of these are a part of the great service provided to you by Angela's cosmetics studio.

הסרת שיער בלייזר

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Tel Aviv - 20 Carmel street

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Sunday through Thursday
09:00 - 19:00

Friday - 09:00 - until two hours before Shabbat begins