Who wouldn’t want to look young and pretty all day long? Most of us would rather have a perfect body and apparel always.
These days there are a few methods that can definitely improve the image of our body and give it the look that we want.
Epilation treatments for hair removal are a very common thing these days, but these treatments are not recommended in any studio that is "capable" of performing them. At Angela, with many years of experience of giving different epilation treatments, you can find skilled hands and a professional mind that will give your skin a soft touch and perfect visibility just like you dreamed about!

Epilation is a short and intense hair removal method that is not always easy to perform.
Although the process can be a bit painful and in order to make it better, you need skilled and experienced hands to take care of you quickly and efficiently.
Angela has many years of experience with epilation.
At Angela's studio you'll find everything you need to have a successful permanent hair removal in a few different ways.

Additional to the uncompromising quality, the added value of Angela is felt in the high level of service and the warmth of the staff.
Soon as you walk in you'll feel the difference. It will be often the difference between another studio that gives epilation treatments and a studio that listens to your body and knows the safest way to success. Epilation treatments suit everyone.
In the first meetings there will be a first examination about the future hair removal processes that should happen and the next meetings will be scheduled as well.

Angela's advantage over other studios is mainly the great feeling you'll walk out of the studio after a session and the lovely studio itself in the heart of Tel Aviv.
The ability to give uncompromising service and a great epilation treatment will benefit everyone who walk through the door. If you wish to have a clear and soft skin, you are at the right place!


Clinic Address

Tel Aviv - 20 Carmel street

Activity time
Sunday through Thursday
09:00 - 19:00

Friday - 09:00 - until two hours before Shabbat begins